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Spring Break on a Bare Budget 

Whether you’re still in school or working a nine-to-five, if you’ve made it through the first half of Spring you are probably more than ready for a break. Whichever of these categories you fall in, you probably don’t have a lot of extra cash sitting around. Spring Break can get expensive fast, and when you’re surviving off Ramen noodles and frozen food, every dollar counts.

Don’t let your nominal budget keep you from maximizing your Spring Break fun. There’s plenty of ways to relax and recharge without breaking the bank, and here are just a few of our favorite ways to enjoy Spring Break on a budget.


Ah, the staycation. Is there anything more quintessentially Bohemian? Once embraced by hippies, slackers and the basically impoverished, the millennial generation has revived this provincial and minimalist notion of vacationing. Staycations are cheap, and it’s not there’s any lack of things to do at home. Start that book you’ve been meaning to read, binge on TV shows, take up a new hobby or get to work on a project you’ve been putting off. 

Make the Break Your Own

Just because most people traditionally vacation during Spring Break doesn’t mean you have to live up to that expectation. Spending money you don’t have is the opposite of relaxing, which is what your break should be about. Use the tips above to make sure you get back to school or work recharged and ready to get things done.

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Check Out Local Events

Speaking of free events, often there are all sorts of fun outdoor events taking place this time of year. Arts festivals, plays, concerts: during Spring Break you can find quite a few free and fun events going on if you know where to look. If you just do an online search for your region plus local events you’ll usually find a calendar of things to do in your area. Free events are a good way to get out, have fun and enjoy some culture without sacrificing your wallet. 

Hit the Beach

If you can find parking, most beaches are free to visit. Soaking in the sun is always a good way to relax, and the heat won’t be as intense as it was during summer. Pro tip: pack your own food, as the places to eat around the beach know they have something of a captive audience and tend to hike their prices accordingly.

Head Downtown

Every city has a downtown, and during Spring Break is a great time to explore yours. Simply meet up with a few of your friends and hit the town to look for Spring Break fun at your local bars. Many establishments feature local bands or trivia nights, and there’s no end to the fun to be had if you’re willing to seek it out and explore new places.