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How to Save Money in 2019

January 11, 2019 | By Mason Roberts

The new year usually comes with much positivity.
People are excited to make resolutions and set new goals. Some of these may be to start a new diet or even take up a new hobby. One thing that people do not think about as a “resolution” is getting their finances in order. That's just one reason more and more people in Texas are reaching out to title loan places to make their other resolutions. It's easy to put your financial goals off for another year.
But what better time than the present? A great way to start the new year is by getting yourself in a better financial state - here are some financial tips to save money in 2019!

Lower Your Household Bills

Paying bills is one of those things that takes a major chunk of change out of your wallet. Worse, many times people find themselves getting stuck in an endless loop of payments when it comes to their bills; they just send out the money and never actually check the bill. If you don't have a savings account and you aren't inclined to keep an eye on your monthly bills, you're more likely to rely on title loan places to make ends meet in an emergency.
Before getting your bills to be lower, you need to actually take a further look at them. Compare months and see what has changed. Are they going up? Maybe even down? Try to remember what you have done differently to make these changes.

Once you've looked into the details and changes of your bills, you need to make some changes within your household budget.
There are many financial tips to lower your house bills. Many of us waste electricity, water, heat, etc., just by forgetting to shut things off or unplug them. Do you keep the water running while brushing your teeth?
Do you keep your hallway and basement light on throughout the day?
These small things tend to add up.
Try limiting the utilities that you use to only when it is necessary. Keep lights off in rooms that you are not in. Try not to turn the shower on until you are ready to hop in. You can even cancel some cable in rooms that you typically do not watch television. At the end of the month, you will see a big change when looking at all your bills together. This can help you get a head start and save money for the new year ahead.

Use Cashback Websites

If you shop online, this is a great financial tip to help you save money. One example of a cashback site is TopCashBack.
These cashback sites help you save money when making your online shopping by providing you with a cash kickback when making your online purchases. Some of these sites offer up to 15% cash back, which will help you accumulate cash here and there to give you some major savings throughout the year.

Save Money with Budget Apps

With the advancements in technology, there are many apps and websites that can really give you some help with saving money. These sites give you reports on your spending and allow you to budget your money by providing you with the tools to do so.
They can give you some detailed information on your spending by breaking it up into categories. These categories can be gas, shopping, or groceries, for example. This will help you get a visual of where the majority of your money is going. By having this visual, you will be able to see what you need to cut back on, and how much you need to as well. That way, you can spot trouble ahead, and know whether or not you should consider title loan places to avoid penalties like overdraft fees and dings on your credit score. After all, a stitch in time saves nine!

Cancel Your Subscriptions

Do you have Netflix, Hulu, or a gym membership?
These things can really add up at the end of the month, especially if you have multiple of them. Try to cut back on your unused memberships.
For example, if you have an unused gym membership, cancel it. You can work out many different (free!) ways to work out at home. You can jog around your neighborhood in warm weather.
If it is too cold where you live, you can use the internet to work out. Youtube has thousands of videos demonstrating workout routines for free.
If you lifted weights at the gym, you can purchase them to use in your own home. Canceling some of these memberships can save you hundreds of dollars per month.

Transfer Your Credit Debt

If you have a credit card, odds are that you are most likely paying extra for interest.
Most credit card companies give you a period of no interest, but after time the interest begins. Interest on a credit card can cost you hundreds of dollars per year. It also makes it almost impossible to pay off your credit card. You make payments, and the balance barely budges...
But how do we fix this?

You can do this by transferring your credit card debt to another card with a lower interest rate. First, you have to look for a card that has a 0% transfer rate. This means it will be free to transfer your credit card debt from one card to the other. The next thing to look for is a card that has a 0% interest rate for at least 12 months. This will give you a year to try to pay off the credit card debt; if at the end of that year you have not paid it off, you can do this again and transfer to another card. This will help you build your credit as well by keeping your credit card debt down and finally paying it off altogether.

Use Automatic Savings to Save Money

One of the biggest mistakes we make is not utilizing our savings account. Most of us have direct deposit right to our checking account. We then swipe our cards over and over and do not keep track of what we are spending.
If you have had that dreaded moment where you checked your bank account and realized you were in the negatives, this may be you.
You may have a problem with saving money. There is a way to save automatically so that you do not forget to do it. There are apps that can do this saving for you. They will work with your bank account to put a certain amount of money, which you choose, directly into your savings account.
An example of one of these apps is Digit. You can use mint on both Apple and Android products.

How Title Loan Places Can Help You in 2019

If you find that you are already in the negatives and just can’t seem to get yourself out of a hole, you may want to take out a title loan to give you a financial boost.
A title loan is basically a loan given by a lender that uses the title of your car as collateral if you do not pay the loan back. You can take out a small loan and use it to pay late bills, get rid of excess debts, etc.
All you have to do is do a quick Google search for “title loan places.” With these financial tips, this title loan could give you the fresh start you need to get you back on track to begin your new journey of savings in 2019. Happy New Year, and Happy Savings!