8 Unique, Weird Things To Do In Houston, TX

There are many unique and weird things to do in Houston, Texas. That's because the state is huge, so the entertainment is too. As long as you have enough money to pay for the activities you enjoy, there's always plenty to do. But, how do you find something fun to do when you're short on cash? Better yet, how do you plan a trip in a city that's so big?

How To Find Some Weird Things To Do In Houston

You can hop online at any given moment and find a few basic activities that could be done anywhere else. But Houston is a remarkable city with lots of unique hangouts. So, find the perfect pastime by doing the following things.

  • Think about what you want to do the most. This is your chance to make dreams come true or start marking things off of your bucket list.
  • Talk to the other people in your group. If you're traveling with others, find out what sorts of things they're wanting to try on the trip.
  • Consider the amount of money you've got to spend. Try to coordinate your itinerary with your budget, but leave some room for pleasant surprises.
  • Look around the area for some fun ideas. Take a look at the surrounding activities and amenities to find out what's available in your area.
  • Secure the funds for a good time. Make sure you've got the money ready to spend, whether that means withdrawing cash or readjusting your budget.

Once all of those bases are covered, you should be able to have an excellent time in the Houston neighborhood without breaking the bank or ruining your credit score.

8 Weird Things To Do In Houston, TX

In case you're still wondering what to do after all that research, there is plenty to see and experience. Here are just some fun, unique, and weird things for you to explore in Houston, TX.

1. Go To The Houston Museum Of Natural Science

The museum itself may not be weird, but the exhibits you'll find inside most certainly are. This is great for any science buffs that want to get their intellectual fix while on vacation in Houston.

2. Visit Minute Maid Stadium

Now if science just isn’t your cup of tea, this might be the thing for you – especially if you are a baseball fan! It's weird how many people visit this place every year considering it used to be a railway station. But this stadium is a must-see for all sports lovers.

3. Blast Off At Space Center Houston

Explore the farthest reaches of the galaxy without ever leaving your chair in this fast-paced, high-tech hub. This is great for everyone interested in our galaxy or interested in rockets. It is a must if those two are your interests.

4. Get Whimsical At The Cockrell Butterfly Center

Watch as thousands of fluttering butterflies swarm in a lush, artificial environment that invites your imagination to run wild. If butterflies and nature are your things, this is an activity you do not want to miss when looking up weird things to do in Houston.


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5. Watch A Rodeo At The Houston Livestock Show

Stand in awe as brave buckaroos try to stay on their bulls for at least eight seconds - a time span that's longer than it seems. If the rodeo is your thing, this weird thing to do in Houston will not disappoint.

6. Go To The Water Wall

This is one of the most artistic and photogenic places in the state of Texas, and you've got to see it to believe it. So grab your camera and head on down to the Water Wall. This is definitely the place for nature lovers and photographers. Don’t miss this serene, weird thing to do in Houston.

7. Check Out The Music Box Theater

Listen to amateur and pro musicians as they sing their hearts out in front of live audiences each week. Houston is full of music for you to discover and this place does not disappoint. Get your Texas music fix right here at the Music Box Theater.

8. Go To Smither Park

If you can't find something to do in Houston, TX, you're not trying hard enough. Meanwhile, don't forget about the famous Smither Park with mind-blowing art sculptures or the Glenwood Cemetery with unique tombstones on gorgeous, gothic acreage. And for more information on local activities or traveler amenities, visit the local traveler’s table.

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