How To Delay An Eviction In Texas And Stay In Your Home

September 20, 2021 | Emma Frost

how to delay an eviction in Texas


Your landlord can evict you for several reasons. But thankfully, there are a few things that may help you postpone or completely stop the process. Here are a few tips for you to learn how to delay an eviction in Texas.

Learn How To Delay An Eviction In Texas

1. Understand The Eviction Notice

When your landlord decides to evict you, a written notice will arrive in your mailbox. The notice must explain the reason behind the eviction and a period to comply or move out. You will receive one of the following types of notice in Texas depending on the eviction reason:

  • Thirty-Day Vacate Notice: If you have a month-to-month rental agreement, you'll receive this type of notice. You have 30 days to move out of the rental property according to Texas Property Code Title 8 Chapter 91 § 91.001.
  • Three-Day Vacate Notice: As you can already gather, you have three days to move out of the property with this notice, according to Texas Property Code Title 4 Chapter 24 § 24.005.

We know how frightening it is to receive a notice like this. But it's important to understand that you're not immediately evicted when the notice period ends. Eviction is a legal procedure. So, if you don't move out, your landlord can go to court and file the appropriate paperwork to start an eviction lawsuit.

Keep in mind; this could take anywhere from a few weeks to several months before the sheriff gives you a date. This time period can definitely teach you how to delay an eviction in Texas all on its own.

2. Have A Conversation With Your Landlord

When you first receive your eviction notice, your initial port of call should be your landlord. You might be able to settle the issue and agree on a new set of terms without taking the matter to court.

Being upfront and open with your landlord could be all it takes to learn how to delay an eviction in Texas. Typically, landlords don't want to evict you. It doesn't just cost you time and money, but it costs the landlord the same. Most landlords might be willing to stop the eviction procedure entirely if you can come to an arrangement. The new terms might be:

  • Ceasing the behavior that initiated the eviction;
  • Paying the rent you owe.

If you can't reach an agreement, you can still try to set a move-out date far enough in the future to delay proceedings.

3. Go To The Eviction Hearing

If you can't agree and don't move out after the notice period, your landlord will file a lawsuit. You'll get a copy of this in the mail. Once received, the court asks you to file an answer to your landlord's complaint.

Essentially, you must state the reason(s) why you shouldn't be evicted. In Texas, landlords can't evict you for performing a legal right like asking your landlord to make essential property repairs, according to Texas Property Code Title 8 Chapter 92 Subchapter A § 92.331.

After that, the court will schedule your hearing. Make sure you attend even if you don't have any defenses against your eviction. Talking to the judge will allow him/her/them to understand your situation and possibly request to delay the eviction.


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Learn What You Can About How To Delay An Eviction In Texas

Learning how to delay an eviction in Texas isn’t complicated. By learning these tips and tricks, you can gain the knowledge you need to delay or even stop the eviction process altogether. And if you do find you need extra help, turn to car title loans in Texas. Fill out our online form to get started on the process.