Auto Title Loans Explained: All You Need To Know

Are you looking for help with your emergency expenses? We here at Texas Title And Payday Loan Services, Inc. offer auto title loans to people who need cash quickly for emergencies. In fact, if you are approved, you can get the cash you need on the same day or the next bank business day. But before you decide to begin, you have to know a lot more about our simple process. Keep reading this guide to learn more important information about this loan.

Use This Guide To Learn About Auto Title Loans

What Are Auto Title Loans And How Do They Work?

Auto title loans are financial loans that allow you to use your lien-free vehicle title to secure the emergency money you need. And while you use your vehicle’s title as collateral, you don’t have to lose access to your vehicle. These kinds of loans are a helpful option when you need cash quickly to help with emergencies. If you need an example, here are some situations that call for auto title loans:

  • Emergency household or car repairs.
  • Urgent medical procedures.
  • Last-minute travel to be with family during a crisis.
  • And other important situations that require cash quickly.

Auto title loans are a suitable option for these situations because the simple process can be quick. People can also find out if they qualify regardless of if their credit score is good or bad and no matter the kind of income they have. Most importantly, you can get the money quickly if you are approved. That quick disbursement of cash empowers you to handle your emergency quickly and hopefully resolve them without much trouble.

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Can You Apply For A Title Loan Online?

Another thing you need to know about auto title loans is that, with us, you can do the application completely online. That simplifies the process even more to help you get the cash quickly for emergencies. Just ensure you provide all the required items. It helps to go through the requirements one by one so you don’t miss anything. More importantly, be sure to double-check all your particulars before you submit the application. That way, you’ll avoid any unnecessary mistakes.

What Happens To Your Car When You Get An Auto Title Loan?

Another benefit of auto title loans is that you can keep your car even after your application is approved. Remember, the loan uses your vehicle title as collateral to secure the money – not the vehicle itself. We will, however, still need to inspect the vehicle because the condition and resale value of your vehicle helps us determine how much we can lend you if we determine that you qualify for approval.

Can You Get A Title Loan With Bad Credit?

As we said, you can apply for auto title loans even if you have bad credit. That’s yet another reason why these loans are a viable option for people who need emergency financial help quickly. The same is also true regardless of your income type. So remember, no matter if you have good or bad credit, and regardless of your income type, the representative will still guide you through the process to help you find out if you can get the cash you need.

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How Do You Apply For An Auto Title Loan?

One of the main benefits of an auto title loan is its quick application process which can take as little as 30 minutes. The process will go smoothly if you have all the necessary documentation like your driver’s license or state-issued identification, lien-free title to your car, and proof of income. Of course, you’ll also need to bring your vehicle for the inspection. Then, the application process breaks down into three straightforward steps, which are:

  1. Fill out the online form on our website with all the necessary details about you and your vehicle so that a representative from the nearest store can give you a call.
  2. Wait for a loan representative to give you a call to clarify your details and schedule an in-person meeting. This can take place at the nearest store or somewhere else.
  3. At that meeting, the representative will check your documents to ensure everything is in order. They’ll also assess your vehicle to see how much you could qualify to borrow.

Get Started On The Process Today!

When you need auto title loans, we here at Texas Title And Payday Loan Services, Inc. can help you get started right away. As you read earlier, people can apply for auto title loans in as little as 30 minutes. And that speed makes all the difference when you have an emergency situation to deal with right away. So don’t hesitate any longer to get the fast cash you need! Fill out the online form right now to get started on our simple process.


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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