8 Reasons Why Texas is the Best State Ever

Everyone seems to want to go to Texas these days, from average Americans to Tech billionaires. Even Elon Musk announced recently that he had moved to Texas and was planning to move both his companies, Tesla and Space-X as well. So, what is the charm that is attracting everyone to Texas? Here are 8 reasons why Texas is the best state in the Union.

Why Texas is the Best State

No State Income Tax

A lot of businesses and millionaires are moving to Texas mainly due to zero State income tax. The largest exodus was witnessed by California, where high taxes have become untenable for companies and tech heavyweights. Although Texas has always had zero to low state income tax, the recent migration has been pushed by lax lockdown laws during the pandemic.

Texas is Huge

Another factor that makes Texas the best state ever is that it is enormous. In terms of area, it is the second-largest state in the US after California (total area of 268,596 square miles). Just to put it in perspective, Texas is bigger than France and Afghanistan. Just look at a map and the size of the “Lone Star State” will stand out.

Geological Beauty

Texas offers a wide range of beautiful sights and wonders of nature, ranging from surfable sand dunes and waterfalls to a lavish Hindu Temple. Some of the must-do activities in Texas are:

  • Taking a kayak or canoe through the Santa Elena Canyon.
  • Taking a dip in the warm waters of Hamilton Pool.
  • Taking a stroll through Houston’s Bayou Bend Gardens.
  • Visiting the Palo Duro Canyon (the second largest canyon in the US).
  • Visiting the hidden gem of West Texas, the Caverns of Sonora.
  • Surf the dunes of Monahans Sandhills.
  • Visiting the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir.

There is a City for Everyone

Texas has a number of cities and towns that cater to everyone’s needs. The state’s most cosmopolitan and diverse city is Houston and is known as the New York of Texas. The State Capital, Austin is full of tech companies similar to San Francisco. If you are on the lookout for smaller and more hip towns then Marfa and Arlington might well be the answer, and yet another reason why Texas is the best state.

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Texan Hospitality

Nothing beats the good old Texan hospitality; another reason why Texas is the best state. Texans are raised with manners; they will open the door for a lady, treat women with respect and offer a cold one to guests. If you are ever in trouble or stranded on the side of the road, you can expect to hear a friendly voice saying, “Howdy there”.


Just like the size of the state itself, the food in Texas is also big. From the steaks, burgers, and BBQ to the flavors, everything is supersized in Texas. You can find real diversity in flavors in the state from Mexican, Classic American, Native American to Indian cuisines and everything in between. If you are in Texas, be sure to check out dishes like the smoked Texas Brisket, Tex-Mex, baked kolaches, and Taco Cabana. And you wondered, why Texas is the best state? I think the food speaks for itself!

Rich History

Texans are proud of their history. The “Lone Star State” fought for its independence from Mexico in 1836 and then spent 9 years independent before joining the US as its 28th state. Texas was also part of the Confederacy before losing the Civil War and rejoining the Union.

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