Lost Your Job? Here's 5 Things To Do Next

November 16, 2020 | Mason Roberts


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If there’s one thing we’ve had to learn the hard way recently – it’s that even the most secure jobs might be lost in a moment. Being ready for financial insecurity is a must, but the reality of the matter is that most Americans live paycheck to paycheck and wouldn’t even be able to cover a $1000 emergency in cash if it hit unexpectedly.

Now, the best way to handle job loss is to already have an emergency fund set up. But if the employer lets you go before you’re able to do that – then it’s time for an action plan. Here’s what we recommend you do including how you can access up to $15,000 in emergency money through auto title loans.

1. Cut All Unnecessary Expenses

First thing’s first – there’s no such thing as “fun money” when you’re out of a job. Postpone all playdates with your friends unless what you’ve planned is completely free. Cut the cable and subscriptions, check if you can switch to a cheaper car insurance plan. You’re going scorch earth here and you’re doing it fast – losing your job might be a reason to wallow but there’s no time for that until the action plan is in motion. And this is how it starts. Remember – you can always include these back in your lifestyle when you’re financially more stable.

2. Apply To As Many Jobs As Possible

This is quite obvious but still bears repeating – anything and everything is a fair game. You do not need to match the vacancy 100%, if you think you can do it – apply. The more jobs you apply to, the better your chances of finding something. You can think about the career change and a dream job if you’ve saved up and put a sizeable emergency fund in place. The kind that allows you to cover the longer search period. If an emergency fund is not in place, then it’s action time.

3. Check If You Qualify For Financial Aid

Unfortunately, no matter how actively you look and apply for jobs – the search might still take more time than you can cover. Start looking for options for financial aid as soon as you lose your job. Maybe you qualify for unemployment? Then apply as soon as possible. This isn’t glamorous and some even find it offensive to suggest – but there’s nothing shameful about asking for help when you need it. Even from the government.

4. Find A Side Hustle Or Two

Thankfully, the internet has opened access to many types of employment these days. Use the skills you have to find a side hustle or two – maybe you’re a decent writer? Or could tutor someone in math? Or maybe you can just transcribe something? Or find if any stores or restaurants in the area need a part-time worker or a delivery man. Any type of income is better than none.

5. Use Your Credit Card – Responsibly

Responsibly being the keyword here. When you’re left with no income, sometimes the only way to put food on the table is by going into debt until you have an income again. What matters is that you do it the smart way – i.e. make sure your debt covers only essentials and doesn’t balloon to an amount you’re unable to pay off quickly later on.

What Do You Do If You Don’t Have An Emergency Fund?

Car Title Loans

The problem with living paycheck to paycheck is that when you lose your job, you’re left with nothing. If you find that your job is in danger – then you should start thinking about setting up an emergency fund. But sometimes it just blindsides you. In this case, you might find yourself in need of quick cash – and title loans can help you when you’re in a pinch.

Benefits of Title Loans

A title loan is a short-term loan option that allows you to leverage the value of your vehicle title in order to access your loan money. They function by being some of the easiest loans to take out and since they’re secured, they aren’t worried about your credit score. We accept all forms of credit – good, bad, or nonexistent.

The entire process is fast and you can finish your application in as little as 30 minutes and find out whether or not you’re approved shortly after finishing your application, too. The money will be deposited directly into your bank account for you to use as you see fit.


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How To Apply For A Texas Title Loan

When it comes to searching for title loans near me, we serve several locations throughout the state of Texas and we make the application process simple. In fact, you can start it online by filling out the short form found on our homepage. Submitting it will allow you to be contacted by a representative who will schedule a meeting for your vehicle to be inspected which will determine the value of your title loan.

You will need to supply a few pieces of information to secure your loan, which includes: your driver’s license, the title to your vehicle, and a blank check to your bank account. Financial relief will always be at your fingertips, thanks to car title loans of Texas.