Weather And Driving: How To Handle Different Road Conditions In 2024

As we look forward to 2024, Texas Title and Payday Loan Services, Inc. has gathered up some top tips for driving in adverse weather, intending to help people have a safer 2024 and reduce accidents and the loss of life on the roads. There are many things drivers can do to make themselves safer in all road conditions – so let’s check these out.

Driving In Bad Weather


Weather And Driving How To Handle Different Road Conditions In 2024

1.) Increase Stopping Distances

Once you’ve been driving for a while, you start to automatically calculate stopping distances in your head, arranging your vehicle on the road so that you have sufficient time to stop when other drivers do.

However, bad weather changes this calculation, and many people fail to account for it sufficiently.
You need to adjust your stopping distances if the road is icy or wet because the lack of friction means your vehicle will take far longer to slow down. Remember that you should always leave enough distance between you and the next car so that you can break in time if they stop abruptly.

It’s always better to drive slowly when the weather is poor, as this massively reduces your risk of accidents and gives you much more ability to stay in control. Your vehicle is less likely to skid if you are traveling slowly.

2.) Proper Tires

Having the right tires on your vehicle is also crucial, especially if you live somewhere where bad weather is common. Make sure you put winter tires on your vehicle in the cold season and swap them out come summer.

It’s an extra chore that some people are tempted to skip, but it’s crucial to have the right tires on to prevent skidding and maximize your stopping power.

3.) Increased Awareness

Visibility is often poor during bad weather, so it’s extra important to be alert and aware of your surroundings. Be on the lookout for cyclists and pedestrians, vulnerable to bad weather, especially wind. Maximize your visibility and stay focused on the road.

Always scrape off your windows and use your defroster and demister when the weather is bad. If your visibility is reduced, pull over until you can deal with the problem.

4.) Brake Gently

Slamming on your brakes is never a good idea, but in bad weather, it is likely to cause skidding and loss of control. Apply firm, constant pressure to the brake to make the most of anti-lock braking systems, but only slam the brakes on in a true emergency. Otherwise, aim to stop gradually.

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We all know it’s important to start the new year in the right way, and becoming a safer driver is an excellent resolution to make – which is why Texas Title And Payday Loan Services, Inc. has put together this helpful list of tips for driving in adverse weather with poor road conditions in 2024. You can do many things to protect yourself and others while you’re out on the roads.

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