Watch Out For These Signs Of Transmission Failure

Transmission failure in a vehicle is a serious problem that requires professional maintenance. That is why you should be familiar with these signs of transmission failure.  Strange sounds, grinding, slipping transmission, burning smells, leaking fluid, a dragging clutch, and a check engine light that comes on are some of the most common signs that there is something wrong with your transmission, and that you need immediate help.

Learn more about these signs of transmission failure so that you can keep yourself and others safe on the road.

Warning Signs Of Transmission Failure

There Is No Response

Are you having trouble getting your car to respond when you try to shift gears? This is a good indicator that there is something wrong with your transmission and that you need to go get it repaired immediately. This is especially true when you are struggling to get the car to shift from park to drive.

You Hear Strange Sounds

There are lots of reasons why your car might be making weird noises. However, one of the most common reasons that it does this is because your transmission is on the verge of failure. If you are hearing clunking, whining, or humming sounds coming from your car, you should take it over to a professional mechanic to get things checked out.

The Transmission Grinds And Shakes

This is a sure sign that there is something wrong with your transmission and it is also more common in cars that have automatic transmission systems. If your transmission is doing this, you need to get it professionally inspected immediately.

The Check Engine Light Comes On

There are a lot of different reasons why your check engine light might come on. A lot of these reasons are only indications of minor problems that you do not need to worry too much about.

However, because there is the possibility that it could be something serious that caused the light to come on, you should take this seriously and get it checked out as soon as possible.

Fluid Leaks

car troubles tips to look for

One of the easiest signs of transmission failure is when your car is leaking transmission fluid. You can figure out if this is a problem with your car by looking to see if there is any sweet-smelling red fluid that is pooling underneath your car when you park it in your garage or a parking lot.

The Clutch Drags

This is when the clutch disk does not properly disengage from the flywheel. This makes the gears clash together and the car moves when it shifts gears. This usually happens because the clutch has been misplaced or the car is experiencing some sort of mechanical failure.

It Slips Out Of Gear

Driving around with a slippery transmission is not just scary, it is also dangerous. You can tell if your transmission is slipping by listening to see if your car revs while you change gears.

Other indicators of a slippery transmission are if it takes a long time for your car to accelerate, if you hear odd sounds, or if you get a difficult response when changing gears.

It Makes Noises In Neutral

You should not be hearing any sounds coming from your car when it is in neutral. If you do, this is a sign that there is something wrong with your transmission. Hopefully, this just means that it is time to replace the transmission fluid. However, it could also mean that you will soon have to replace the entire transmission system altogether.

It Smells Like Something Is Burning

Visit your local shop as fast as you can if you notice that you smell something burning in your car. There are lots of things that this can indicate. Two of these problems are an overheating transmission or transmission fluid that is burnt and old.

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Final Thoughts

These signs of transmission failure will help you and others stay safe on the road. If you need help covering the high cost of replacing your transmission, a Texas title loan online is one option that you can consider turning to for help.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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