How to Start Building Your Own Freelance Business

March 5, 2020 | Peyton Sawyer


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Many people are choosing to forego traditional careers to start a freelance business of their own. With more flexibility to create a schedule and lifestyle that they love, it is no wonder why more and more individuals are making the switch.

Wanting to start a freelance business is not only becoming a more popular way to earn a living, but it is also becoming a more popular way for business owners to save on expenses, rather than paying the salary, benefits, and taxes associated with hiring a full-time employee. And these are just a few reasons why business owners are seeking freelance developers, writers, designers, and more. The cost of smaller office space is also an incentive, as well as having access to an unlimited amount of talent. Selecting from a pool of professionals, instead of just one full-time hire, can help a business stay relevant. A fresh new approach may be just what a business needs to experience growth.

Now that we know there are advantages to starting a freelance business, and why business owners are seeking freelancers, let’s find out how to get started.

Defining Your Goals

Clearly defining your goals will help you get to where you want to go. Is your goal to earn extra money or to eventually have a full-time job? What freelance services will you offer? Do you know? Only after you have defined those measurable goals can you start on the path to success. Knowing the short-term goals, as well as the long-term, will help you to overcome the roadblocks or benchmarks that you experience along the way.


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Finding Your Niche

Finding a profitable niche can sometimes be challenging. With so many established or up-and-coming freelancers and entrepreneurs taking over the business world, the market is flooded. Finding the right angle to your approach is important. There will always be someone that offers better pricing options, so don’t go that route to land clients, it won’t work. Find your area of expertise, expand on it and offer quality work that can be valued and appreciated.

Identifying Your Target Audience

If you are not sure who will be your target audience when you first start out, it is okay. Making some initial assumptions about who you would like to work with can help you to get a better sense of what type of audience you would like to pursue in the future. It is all about trial and error. That is the only way you will learn.

Building A Portfolio Website

Creating a strong online presence and a positive first impression will help potential clients to understand you, your style, your talent and skills, and the quality of work they can expect from you.

Determining Pricing for Your Services

Competitive pricing has most likely been done by the hundreds or even thousands before you, so forget beating out competitor pricing. Finding a profitable niche for your freelance business means actively seeking industry and type of client that values the quality of work. So, instead of slashing prices and losing potential profit, offer reasonable prices, and compete on the value and quality of your work rather than the cost.


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Staying Focused

Staying focused on the ultimate goal is important when working for yourself, especially if you remain in your home during the workday. You, as well as family members, need to remember you are not able to run errands, or start dinner, or put a load of wash in, you need to stay focused if you want to become a success. Working from home does not mean you are not working. You should still wake up and start the day in a business attire that promotes a positive mindset. No pajamas!

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