Worry And Stress Less With This Guide For An Installment Loan

Borrowing money from us at Texas Title And Payday Loan Services, Inc. is very straightforward when you opt for an installment loan. However, many people feel daunted and unsure before they start the process, and this can cause unnecessary stress.

To help combat this issue, we have put together a guide of everything you need to apply for an installment loan, making it as stress-free as possible for applicants to move forward. Keep reading, and you’ll be all set to start.

How Do You Apply For An Installment Loan?

1. Reach Out To Us On The Website

To help applicants register their interest in getting a loan, we have created a simple “Apply Now” button on the homepage of our website. This will let you apply online for an installment loan. Give us your information through the online application for installment loans and we will help you move forward with the rest of the steps.

If you want to call one of our locations directly, you can get the store phone numbers on the our locations page. This will take you to a list of all our locations, and give you their contact information and a complete breakdown of where you can find the store. Some people prefer this option, and that’s fine by us!

2. Answer Our Call

Once you’ve registered your interest, we’ll give you a quick call. Our agent will talk you through some basic information about the process and will give you an opportunity to ask any questions.

They’ll also go over the required items you’ll need for a signature installment loan. This includes a statement from a checking account in your name, your most recent pay stub, and your driver’s license or some other form of state-issued photo ID.

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3. Come To A Store

Once we are off the phone, gather the required items and come to the arranged meeting at the store closest to you. Here we’ll be able to check whether you are eligible for an installment loan and run a quick credit check. If you are, we can quickly calculate how much you can borrow – which could be anywhere between $100 and $1,500, depending on your income.

If you are approved, we will go over the installment loan terms and help you finish the paperwork. Once the paperwork is complete and you’ve signed it, you can head off, and we’ll do the rest to make sure you get the money you need. When everything is finished, you can get the money either later that day or the next bank business day.

Frequently Asked Questions About Installment Loans

Now that you know about the process of getting an installment loan from us at Texas Car Title and Payday Loan Services, Inc., there are a few questions you probably have. While we will definitely allow you to ask us any and all of your questions when you come into the store for your meeting, here are a few of the most frequently asked questions you are probably thinking about right now about this loan.

Do You Have To Have A Bank Account?

You do need an active bank account registered in your name to apply for this kind of loan. This is because we need a full and complete picture of your financial situation to determine if you can qualify for this kind of loan.

The account needs to be in your name and needs to be active if you want to find out if you can qualify for a signature installment loan. This is part of our standard check when we look at your required items. This means, again, we can’t determine if we can approve your installment loan application if you don’t have an active checking account in your name.

If you don’t currently have a checking account at your bank, get in touch with your bank and see whether you are able to open an account in your name for this process. It may take a little extra time, but it’s a fundamental part of getting an installment loan, so it’s important to do it.

Will You Check My Credit Beforehand?

One thing to consider is having all the required items we’ve discussed, we also have to check your credit before we can tell you if you qualify for approval. This also helps us get a peek into your current financial situation so we can determine if you can repay us.

Now, that isn’t to say that if you have poor credit you shouldn’t still come in. We welcome anyone with any kind of credit to come in and check their chances. Just be prepared to have us run a quick credit check!

Do I Need Collateral For This Loan?

The good thing about this loan is that you do not need any collateral! A signature installment loan in Texas is unsecured. This means we do not need you to put up any personal items as security.

In fact, your signature is the thing we use as your promise to repay the loan on time – hence the name. This means you don’t have to worry if you are still paying off your car or if you don’t have anything of real value to use as collateral.

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Apply For An Installment Loan

An installment loan can be very helpful in certain financial situations, and this guide has hopefully helped you understand how to apply for one from Texas Title And Payday Loan Services, Inc. when you need quick money. We believe in simplicity and have worked hard to ensure that the application process is as easy as possible.

There’s no need to feel worried if you want to take out one of these loans. Don’t wait and go to our website to fill out the online application now!


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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