Here's One Of The Quickest Ways To Get Cash Now!

June 4, 2021 | June Mckaig

fast way to get cash now

Are you struggling to make ends meet? Do you have less than perfect credit? How does your income look? When you need to get cash now, here’s what you can do.

Why It's Crucial To Get Cash Now

It's important to have a few ways to get cash now because life isn't easy to predict. In fact, it's almost impossible to plan for things you can't foresee, and even if you're an organized person with a strict budget, things can come out of the left field to wreck your finances overnight.

Here are three common reasons why you might need cash now.

1. You Lose Your Job Or Have Your Income Cut.

It happens all the time, especially these days. You're working to make a living, then suddenly, you're missing hours on your paycheck and barely getting by. Meanwhile, the bills don't start coming in just because things change at work. This is when you've got to do something before things get out of hand.

2. You Get Sick Or Injured Somehow.

Accidents happen all the time, and it doesn't take much to get sick and miss work. Both scenarios can make it impossible to pay dues and avoid late fees. Plus, medical bills stack up quickly in that situation. So, instant cash loans can help tremendously where an income is no longer available.

3. You Need To Travel On Short Notice.

Whether you're going somewhere because of a wedding, funeral, business trip, or emergency, traveling is very expensive. Add in the fact that you'll be missing work to go, and the entire week is a complete financial loss. It's only when you pay for everything the smart way that you avoid major credit damage.

Is It Possible To Get Cash Now With Bad Credit?

To get cash now, you often have to work around your bad credit score to find a lender that's willing to help. Take a title loan, for example. At Texas Car Title and Payday Loan Services, Inc. we don't necessarily focus on your credit rating as much as we focus on the value of your vehicle. So if you have poor credit this could be an option.

In fact, you can get as much as $15,000 in instant cash if you qualify. There are only a few steps to follow, and most borrowers get their money within 24 hours or less. Those that are approved will walk away with cash on the same day they start the process. So, ask your agent how you can make things work faster.

NOTE: You must be at least 18 years old to be considered eligible for a title loan in the state of Texas.

get cash now with a title loan

How To Get Cash Now With Title Loans

Before getting started, write down any questions you may have about requesting a convenient title loan on your vehicle. The deal is straightforward, but that doesn't mean you have to understand the process immediately. An agent will be happy to answer your questions.

So, here's how to get cash now no matter what you're going through or how familiar you are with this process:

Step 1 - Go Online To Get Started Or Make A Quick Phone Call.

Head to the Texas Car Title and Payday Loan Services, Inc. website to begin the process and get cash now with a title loan. There's a short form to fill out with a few simple questions, and then an agent will contact you with preliminary approval within 30 minutes or less. If everything looks good, you can schedule the next phase right then.

NOTE: In most cases, an agent can travel to your location for the rest of the process. That means no store visit is required.

Step 2 - Give The Agent The Information Required For Approval.

When the time comes, your agent will request the following items you need to get a title loan. This will help you to get you paid as quickly as possible:
  • Your driver's license or a government-issued photo ID to prove your identity
  • The lien-free title of the vehicle (registered in your name)
  • The vehicle itself so the agent can inspect it and appraise the value

That's it. The only other thing you'll need if you are approved is banking information to make sure you get the money ASAP.

Get Cash Now with Texas Title Loans

It may seem impossible to get cash now, but it's not. You have more options than you realize, including title loans. Apply online now to get the process started!