How to Use Your Car to Make Cash Fast

Did you know that owning a car can be more than just a convenient mode of transportation? It can also be a valuable long-term investment that can help you earn some extra cash with a side hustle. There are many lucrative opportunities available that can help you get out of a financial crisis. While some of these options may require you to drive your car frequently, there are also ways to earn money without any extra effort, such as getting an auto title loan or payday loan. Take advantage of the potential that your car holds and start exploring these opportunities today!

Just be sure to have a driver’s license, auto insurance, and a clean driving record because most companies employing drivers do verify these things. Let’s dive into them one by one. We’ll also cover how you can use car title loans and payday loans to secure fast emergency cash if you can’t wait for a paycheck.

Ridesharing Apps

You can sign up as a driver for ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft. With the rapid growth of these apps and the huge number of people using them, you can hope to earn above $100 a day very easily. One of the benefits is that most of these companies let you work on your own terms and schedule, making it easy to tack onto your work.

Delivery Services

Instead of moving people, you can also provide delivery services for food and other goods. For example, you can become an independent contractor driver for Amazon Flex and earn $25 per hour. There is a long list of options to choose from like Roadie, Shipt, Uber Eats, and Door Dash, etc. which helps to ensure you can find something that works for you and your schedule.


Yes, you heard us right. Advertising! You can get your car covered in an advert and get paid for it! This is one of those ways where you don’t need to put extra miles on your car. With companies like Carvertise and Wrapify, you can just go about your day to day business and earn up to $200 – 300 per month.

Moving Gigs

Help people move houses! This is one of the most lucrative gigs too, but for this, you need a bit of muscle power to help lift loads along with driving skills. It pays well however and you could even earn 1000 bucks a week.

Rent Your Car

This is one where you can just sit at home and earn cash. If your car is not used much and is just sitting in the garage getting rusty, then rent it out! You could rent it out through a car renting app or on a personal basis.

Apply for a Texas Title Loan

You can even leverage the title to your car to obtain a title loan and get you a big chunk of money fast, usually within a day. You never know when a big financial emergency will pop up like losing your job, a medical illness or injury, some urgent home repairs, or a payment deadline. When you need some fast cash, traditional loans take time to obtain and, because they take so long to process and have strict requirements like a high credit score and proof of income, they may not be an option for you.

In the event that you've been turned down for traditional loans, don’t fret – Texas Car Title & Payday Loan Services, Inc. serves several locations throughout the state, making your search of finding. We also offer payday loans which is another short-term loan option type that can be accessed at the drop of a hat. Here are some benefits.


 Man secured title loan Texas


Title and Payday Loan Benefits

  • Minimal Requirements: Bank loans ask for multiple sureties and they also check your credit history. Without a high credit score, you are sure to be rejected. But for a title loan or a payday loan- you only have a single requirement and a very high acceptance rate.
  • Same-Day Cash: Not months, not weeks, not even days- just a few hours is all it takes to get a title or payday loan.
  • Convenience: You can apply for these loans online on our homepage by filling out a short form that can be completed in minutes. The application process is like a breeze.
  • Keep Your Car: For title loans, you get to keep your car and operate it as you normally would.

Whether a payday loan or a title loan, these loan types will always be here for you in emergency situations so, if you find that you can’t wait until these side jobs start handing out paychecks, Texas title loans and Texas payday loans online have got your back when you need it most. So? What are you waiting for? Start your application today!

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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