Don't Let Bills Ruin Your Birthday. Get Title Loan Cash Today


Birthdays come around only once a year, so it’s only normal that we want the day to be special. Unfortunately, for a lot of us, our finances can make that difficult. After all, celebrating your birthday in style invariably requires money in one form or another, whether it’s to throw a great party or just take the day off from work to spend with your loved ones.

One way to get cash to celebrate your birthday properly is get some extra cash with a title loan. Title loans are issued based on the value of your vehicle and use the title as collateral for loan amounts from $300-$15,000 depending on the age, model, and condition of your car. The approval process is fast and easy, meaning that even if you wait until the night before your birthday, you still have time to get the cash you need.

Why are birthdays so expensive, though? And how can the cash from a title loan help? Here’s just a few ways.

People Eat at Parties

If you’ve ever had to plan a party in the past, then you know that often the most expensive part of entertaining is the food and beverages. People eat, and just snacks and desserts, much less a real meal, will cost more than you think and can easily exceed the value of your gifts. But the bottom line is, in order to throw a really good party you need food and drinks for your guests.


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Restaurants Are Expensive

Let’s say you don’t want to host your own party and you simply want to spend a nice night out with your family or closest friends at a restaurant. While often your friends and family will pay for your meal on your birthday, it’s always polite to offer to pay your own way, and a title loan can keep you from being embarrassed if your bluff is called.

Bills Are Stress

Another thing that can ruin your birthday is a stack of overdue bills. The frustrating thing about bills is not only do they cost you money, but that the worrying over how you’re going to pay them off each month can hang over your head for weeks. If that sounds like you, then rest assured that stress can ruin an otherwise perfectly pleasant birthday celebration. But with a title loan you can wipe away the dark cloud of bills hanging over your head in as little as 30 minutes.


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One last way to use a title loan to have a better birthday is to destress and treat yourself to a spa, massage, or a relaxing destination of your choice. In today’s hectic culture we often forget to dedicate take some time to simply relax. Don’t you owe it to yourself to do just that on your birthday?

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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