4 Ways to Get "Back To School" On a Budget

July 26, 2018 | By Louis Tully

When summer is just about over, it often signals parents to start thinking about back-to-school shopping. For most, the “back to school” shopping season is practically as big as Christmas. But just because there’s a new school year approaching, doesn’t mean you have to rely on title pawns near you just to check off the kid’s supply list.


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Save on School Supplies This Year

With all the supplies, backpacks, lunch bags, clothes, and electronics, everything can quickly add up to one hefty-sized bill. So, here are a few smart ways to do “back to school” on a budget:

Reuse Last Year’s Supplies

Chances are, you probably have plenty of pens, pencils and 3-ring-binders leftover from prior school years. Take some time to clean out areas in your home that might be hiding any school-related items like these.

After you’ve collected everything from old textbooks to mechanical pencils, begin sorting through your inventory so you can start checking off the school supply list. This step instantly saves you money and makes the whole “back to school” season a little less stressful.

Tread Lightly on the Threads

When it comes to “back to school”, kids probably get most excited about the new clothes. And why wouldn’t they? It feels good walking into the first day of class wearing brand new shoes and sporting a new backpack. But if you’re shopping on a budget, it’s best to say “no” to temptation this time around.

You can recycle the clothes they already have. But if you must, you could always by them ONE new outfit for the first day. At least that’s reasonable. Just don’t give in to their demands and buy them a whole new wardrobe. It’s not necessary.


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Use Apps to Find Great Deals

The best deals are often found in apps. We use apps for everything these days; checking the weather, planning our days, paying bills, playing video games, and even tracking our diets. ShopSavvy is a free app available on both iOS and Android.

It’s the ultimate shopping companion that points you to the lowest price of any item, every time. Use apps like ShopSavvy to help you find the best deals on all your “back to school” shopping. It’s a great way to make sure you’re staying under-budget by not over-spending.

Plan Ahead

It goes without saying that planning ahead is always a good choice. Now that school’s back in full swing and the “back to school” shopping season is officially over, it’s time to make your move. Stores will begin to push back all their leftover school items onto clearance racks to make way for the next wave of seasonal products.


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This would be a good opportunity to stock up on next year’s school items. While you may not know all the things they’ll need for school next year, at least you can give yourself a nice head start.