How To Be Content With Life - Even When Times Are Tough

Learn How To Be Content With Life With These Gratitude Tips

There’s no way around it – 2020 was a rough year for all of us. No one escaped undamaged. And while the roughest part of it was probably the monetary hit many of us took, the mental damage it left behind is no small thing to be ignored. So it’s understandable that many of us are irritated or angry or in despair and can’t think of anything positive to be happy about.

But it’s also worth noting – coronavirus made it abundantly clear that it’s the smallest things that make up our lives that truly matter. We tend to forget that we live not from one important event to the next, but right here, right now.

And if we take a good look at the life we have – we may find there are plenty of things to make us content with it even in the toughest of times. And title loans can help too.

1. Spend Time with Your Friends

Be it over the internet – or in-person if you can afford it – spend time with people you love. Maybe a picnic in the open area that will let you uphold the social distancing rules. Or maybe a Zoom meeting, if you can’t be together in one place.

It might seem silly but seeing the people you love can be a great pleasure when you’ve been deprived of human interaction – even if it’s not in-person.

Go grand: have dinner over the zoom call, watch a movie, plan an event. It will be a good memory down the line.

2. Start a New Hobby

I’ve found out recently (in a rather surprising turn of events) that many people consider hobbies to be an expensive indulgence – reading equals buying books, watching movies equals going to the movie theatre, crocheting equals an assortment of tools.

Understandably, people with this viewpoint have decided that global lockdown and economic recession isn’t a time to try their hands at something new.

But a hobby isn’t necessarily something you need to spend extra money on. Want to read more books? Maybe now’s the time to go to your local library and sign up for a membership. Or maybe you could start that blog you’ve been wanting for a while now.

Or – as thousands of other people have found out in quarantine – start cooking more. And no, you don’t need to cook fancy Instagram-worthy dinners. Just cook stuff that tastes good to you. If you get into the habit, in the long run, it would even save you some money.

3. Allow Yourself Small Pleasures

Make yourself a cup of hot chocolate. Even if it comes from a packet, treat it it like you are getting an overpriced Parisian café. Allow yourself small pleasures – but treat them like they’re a grand event in life. Do a home spa – and pretend you’re spending a day at an expensive resort. Order a pizza from a local diner – and pretend you’re in Italy.

The ability to dream is one of the greatest gifts humanity has as a species. If you allow yourself small pleasures, they will turn from something ordinary into something worth remembering.

4. Appreciate What You Have

It might sound a bit harsh – but if you’re under a solid roof, on your phone, with a paid plan, reading this article – then you have more than many others. Putting yourself in check and knocking yourself down a peg every once in a while, is a good way of being content with what you have.

Do you work long-distance (going crazy in isolation)? Good, you’ve been able to keep your job.

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Learning how to be content with life starts with appreciating the life you already have. Spend time with your friends, focus on the small pleasures in life, and do fun things you enjoy. And when you need a little extra cash to see you through when times are tough, a car title loan can help.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

Mason Roberts

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