Texas Car Title And Payday Loan Services, Inc.


Running short on cash this month? Let us help you get the fast cash you are looking for today. With Lubbock title loans, payday loans or installment loans from Texas Car Title and Payday Loan Services, Inc., you could get up to $15,000* today. Our store is located at 4502 50th Street between Taco Villa and Smokin’ J’s Tobacco Shop. Pope Automotive is also next to us, so finding us should be easy. Before heading over though, we suggest you complete our online form to get a head start.

By submitting the form, a representative will be able to contact you to ensure you have all of the necessary items in your possession, as well as understand how the process works. Then you will be ready to drive your vehicle down to our location and complete the remainder of the process. When you arrive, a loan specialist will be waiting to assist you with your paperwork while your vehicle is inspected. After this is complete, you will leave with your vehicle and the emergency cash you were looking for.

Ready to get started now? Just fill out our simple online request form and let Texas Car Title and Payday Loan Services, Inc. show you how easy it could be to get emergency cash today!