7 Tips Host A Super Bowl Party On A Budget

You might feel like there is no way you could go about hosting a Super Bowl party on a budget. But the truth is, you can! There are plenty of tips out there that can help you stay on budget while you still plan a fun and memorable night. From making your own decorations to making it a potluck, you can certainly host a fun Super Bowl party on a smaller budget. We all know budgeting is important, so keep reading to learn how to throw a great football party for the big game while on a budget.

Use These 7 Budget Tips For Your Next Super Bowl Party

1. Keep It Simple

You don’t have to go crazy to host a great party for the Super Bowl. After all, most of the attention is going to be on the players! Some nice food, a few drinks, and good company are pretty much all it takes to put together a day everybody will remember. This means you can skip things like the fancy tablecloths, the high-end alcohol, and the photo booth, and just have fun with your friends and enjoy the football game!

2. Make Your Own Food

Food is often the biggest expense in parties, so making your food is a good thing to focus on. Think about making your own food if possible, rather than depending on takeout. If you do need to order in, ask others in advance to chip in for their portions. Alternatively, serve snacks and finger food, or light food such as sandwiches. Plus, making your food means you can make it football-themed as well!

snack party table with text 7 tips to host a super bowl party on a budget

3. Limit The Guest List

The more people you have, the pricier the party will be, especially when it comes to buying food and drinks. You want to invite enough people to have fun, but don’t feel like everybody has to be there if you’re working on a budget! Keep the guest list to just a couple of your closest friends and family who are interested and knowledgeable in football so that you won’t have to spend too much money on food and drinks.

4. Keep The Bar Small

Alcohol is another big expense, so don’t splash out too much here. Some simple beers will often be enough to make the party great. If you do want more complicated or expensive drinks, get your guests to bring some along, as well as provide some yourself!

You can also come up with some inexpensive mixed drinks that could be football-themed as well! Just search online for some good ideas.

5. Get Guests To Bring Food

This brings us to our next point – don’t be afraid to accept offers. Most guests will ask what they can bring when they come, and it’s okay to list a few things. Guests like to feel useful, and getting some contributions will keep the costs down. Plus, you can be sure that even if a guest has a dietary restriction, they have something to eat if they bring their favorite Super Bowl snack to your party.

6. DIY Your Decor

When it comes to decorations, there is no need to spend a fortune on them. Instead, you can make your own decorations easily. Just search online for some easy DIY Super Bowl decoration ideas and you will get a bunch of options. A few simple and homemade decorations like football-themed cups, paper chains, and banners will transform your living room without costing you a lot of money buying them from the store.

7. Use Free Printables

Want some games while the commercials are on or even before or after the football game? Well the internet is full of free printables like bingo cards and fun quizzes, and printing a few of these is a very affordable way to organize some activities for Super Bowl night! You can even make your game night themed by printing out Super Bowl trivia printables. It’s a fun game while still staying on the theme of the party.

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Enjoy Your Next Super Bowl Party On A Budget!

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