Unusual Frugal Tips For Saving More Of Your Cash

When it comes to being frugal, it doesn’t mean having to go without things that you want or need. In fact, there are plenty of ways to creatively save your hard-earned cash and reach your financial goals fast while still living a good life. Here are just a few of the top unusual frugal tips to consider when you commit to saving as much money as you can without sacrificing your lifestyle.

Use These Unusual Frugal Tips To Save More

Unplug Everything When Not In Use

It’s one thing to turn off lights when you aren’t using them, it’s another to completely unplug everything when you are not at home. It may seem like a drastic step but it’s actually one of the best and most unusual frugal tips that can save you so much on your electric bill.

By unplugging everything from appliances to clocks and the lights, you can end up saving a ton on your monthly power bill. Unplugging just your appliances may save you up to $200 over the course of a year. So if you aren’t using something or are leaving a room, make sure you unplug devices and turn off the lights.

Save Your Condiments

When it comes to unusual frugal tips, saving your condiments sounds like a strange thing to do – but it can actually help save you a lot of money. You know those extra condiment packets you get with takeout orders. Don’t just throw away the unused ones. Instead, it pays to start saving them so you don’t have to buy as much. Plus, by using the packet, you aren’t overusing a condiment.

Use Vinegar To Clean

If you’ve cleaned anything over the past decade or so, you know just how expensive cleaning supplies can be. One of our best unusual frugal tips is ditching those supplies and using vinegar instead. White vinegar can be used to clean everything from the bathroom to kitchen appliances. You can really break down the scum that accumulates on stainless steel appliances by using vinegar.

Put Your Credit Cards In The Freezer

Another tip you can follow is to put your credit cards in your freezer. It’s a particularly effective move, especially for those who find it difficult to control their impulse shopping. When your credit card is encased in ice, it makes access just a tad bit more difficult. Plus, when the credit card isn’t immediately in sight, you won’t be as inclined to spend money and use it.

Order More Food Than You Can Eat

It may seem counter-intuitive, but ordering more food than you can eat is one of the top unusual frugal tips you should follow. There are so many meals that can still taste delicious even if you eat them the next day. Just order a large meal, eat half of it, then take the rest home to have for lunch or dinner the next day. It’s the perfect way to get two meals in one.

Try The $5 Or $10 Trick

If you’re having trouble remembering to build up your savings, try the $5 or $10 trick. Every time you get a $5 or $10 bill, either in the form of change or your tips as a server or bartender, put it in a savings jar — no exceptions. You'll be surprised by how fast it adds up in months or in a year. Financial bloggers report making up to $4,000 in a year using the $5 trick.


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Buy Holiday Items After The Holiday

It may seem odd to rush to a store to buy all the Christmas decorations after Christmas, but the approach can save you a lot of money on some big-ticket items. The same goes for such holidays as Halloween, July 4th, and Thanksgiving. Some retailers mark down holiday items that are post-holiday by as much as 90%.

Go Dumpster Diving

For those who are brave in addition to frugal, dumpster diving can be a treasure trove of not just free stuff, but stuff that may help you save money. In addition to grocery coupons, you may be able to find new items that were thrown out for some reason and then sell or pawn them for cash. Just remember the saying: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Rent Out Your Car

Another one of the unusual frugal tips that you can follow is to rent out your space when you aren’t using it. You can rent out your home or even an unused garage or storage space, but it’s also an option to rent your car out. It’s great for those working from home who aren’t using their car as much, and you can make a few hundred dollars every month easily.

Pursue An Online Installment Loan

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Start Living Frugally With These Tips

There are many unusual frugal tips that help you save money in ways that won’t upend your life. So if you are trying to live a frugal life, get started with these tips. And if you run into an emergency that threatens your frugal life, an online installment loan can help you out. Get started by filling out our online form now.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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