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4 Ways to be Romantic on Valentine's Day Without Your Wallet

While everyone under the sun will tell you that love is more important than money, why is it that everything associated with romance seems to cost money? Vacations, dates, restaurants, gifts, jewelry: none of these come cheap, and while no holiday is cheap (check out our guide on how installment or payday loans could help you recover from the winter holidays), Valentine’s Day can be a particularly expensive one because of all the associated costs.

So what if worse came-to-worse and you didn’t have two pennies to rub together on Valentine’s Day? Could you still win the heart of the one you love? Of course you could, and here are 4 sweet and romantic ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day on a budget.

Use the Outdoors

While not everyone enjoys the wonderful world of the outdoors, few activities are more physically stimulating and romantically charged than an intimate moment shared in the majesty of nature. Going outside and enjoying nature costs you next to nothing, and a day spent strolling through a local park, hiking a trail, biking, or setting out a picnic can be the perfect romantic activity to share with the one you love. This Valentine’s Day, why not let mother nature be your wingman?

Give a Handmade Gift

When you think of homemade gifts, the first thing that probably comes to mind is kid-friendly arts and crafts or kitschy frilly things, but a handmade gift doesn’t have to be like that. If you can draw or paint, take the time to create a picture your significant other. For those with woodworking skills, maybe a jewelry box or hope chest is a good option, and if you’re a knitter, then an article of clothing could be a perfect choice. We all have a little artist in us, and you shouldn’t be afraid to tap into your creative abilities to craft a truly unique and heartfelt Valentine’s gift for your loved one.


While it isn’t necessarily a glamorous activity, volunteering with your significant other is a great way of getting closer to them while helping others. The Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are traditional times of great charitable outpouring from the community, but the meeting the needs of the disadvantaged is urgent and important year-round.

The month of February is the perfect time to help pick up some of the slack. You obviously shouldn’t just spring the idea of volunteering on your significant other if they’re expecting a romantic dinner for two instead, but broach the subject with them and see if they’re agreeable to it.

Make Your Significant Other’s Day Easy

Instead of volunteering for strangers, you could spend Valentine’s Day doing nice things for your significant other. Especially in long-term relationships, it’s the little things that matter: the dishes, walking the dog, or a backrub. Instead of simply giving them a bouquet of flowers, why not bring it to them with breakfast in bed?

Doing little things like completely devoting your day to your significant other is a much more romantic proposal than simply spending money on them. Money can’t buy love, but true love can bring everything worth having into your life.